Our Green Credentials

In everything we do, we make an effort to operate in a way that minimises our environmental impact.

Our ethos

Whether producing a design which will be displayed electronically or printed, we know our decisions for your web design or print design can impact the environment. This is why we place a high importance on sustainable practices.

What is sustainable graphic design?

We believe that being sustainable is about more than just saying we’re green. Sustainable graphic design is an approach that considers the impact on the environment. It’s also about being intentional, and making careful choices when it comes to the shape, size and colour of your designs, which can can have far-reaching implications.

Sustainable design is also about quality, and doing things right the first time. This includes delivering the right products and services,
satisfying your needs, and meeting your expectations.

Did you know

The internet emits 3.7% of co2 emission per year, which equals the amount produced by the airline industry. And this is the result of data centres running on coal-based energy.

Reducing our impact

  • We installed a 6.5KW solar system and use 100% green power when sourcing from the grid.
  • Our office is insulated with R2.5 batts in the walls and ceiling and has double glazed windows throughout.
  • We use a hosting provider who is dedicated solutions that ensure an efficient and sustainable energy future for all customers.
  • We minimise the use of paper and use recyclable products where possible.
  • We use energy and natural resources efficiently and reduce consumption where possible.
  • We favour suppliers with good environmental practices.

We don’t have easy answers to the big questions around environmental sustainability and modern technologies, but we are doing what we can.

If you have some ideas on how we can do better, please get in touch.

green graphics

We provide green graphics and web design in Castlemaine, Daylesford, Kyneton, Trentham, Hepburn, Macedon, Bendigo, and  Halls Gap.

We’re passionate about our green graphics principles, and we use 100% green power for all our green web design and green graphics.

It’s sustainable design, not just green graphics.

Let’s talk about your project

Whether you’re starting small or it’s time to grow, we’ll find a solution that works for you.

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